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Who do I follow on snapchat? 

Snapchat has taken over social media! Here are a few of my favourite I follow on it… Please do give them a follow!

Michelle Ross

I only recently started to follow this girl.. But she is seriously fab and I love seeing whats going on with her on a day to day basis. She is also very stylish!

Chloe Boucher 


This girl is my ultimate girl crush! She is insanely beautiful! Her makeup is always done to perfection! She would give any girl envy. Her hair is the ultimate dream 

Sharon Leavy

Sharon is a girl I have followed for quite awhile. While she does do a bit of beauty blogging she tends to stick mostly to lifestyle. This approach makes her one of a few lifestyle bloggers as there are a huge amount of beauty blogs on the scene! Two days are never the same for Sharon which makes her snaps even more entertaining.


Paula is a fellow Cork blogger! She is just amazing she is so funny infront of the camera and she is not afraid to say how she feels which I love!

Chloe O Herlihy

Chloe is also a fellow Cork blogger.. Chloe is hands down one of my favorite snapchatters! She is unbelievable at makeup and she’s able to pull off any look! She’s also very approachable which I love!  

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