Why I have chose a PLC Course?

Hello hello, 

I am so so sorry I haven’t been on here lately. I am currently studying for my Leaving Certificate which is in 16 days time 😳

As you can probably see from the title this blog post will consist of me explaining why I have chose to go down the Post Leaving Cerificate Course route rather than the CAO option.

As I mentioned before in a recent blog post I done, I have Dyspraxia. I can find it very hard to adapt to new surroundings and situations. This makes me feel very anxious and I become very unorganised. So I have decided to do a one year course. I will be studying Hospitality! I think that by doing this it will give me the year to mature and also too see if college is really for me. 

While I would love to go straight into the “typical college” I just feel I am not ready and that I would prefer to see if college is for me rather than rushing it. At the end of the day I have plenty of years to decide what I’d like to do, so why rush it? 

I am also in two minds as to what course I want to do after I complete my one year Plc course. I have always wanted to do event management, but I’m hearing that it is becoming harder and harder to find jobs in this area. So now I am thinking about studying Hospitality full time.

I think people should be more open to Plc colleges as you get too see if college is really for you and if you will want to work in this field for possibly the rest of your life. There are fantastic links now between Plc colleges and universities so it makes it easier to get into the college you wish to go to. 

I want to wish anyone doing the Leaving Certificate the best of luck and it’s nearly all over! 

Rebecca x


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