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What is Depop and why should you use it? 


I hope ye are all keeping well! It is finally the SUMMER!! The Leaving certificate is finally over!! 

I decided that I would do a post on an app I have been loving for a number of years now ☺️ Depop ❤️

I learned about Depop my just stumbling across it one day.. At the time I was so broke I thought why not give it a go!! It really did change my life that summer! I literally put everything and anything on it! I made a bit of cash off it. What’s not to love about it?

How it works:

You set up an account and then you can upload photos of products, clothes, shoes that you would like to sell. You need to take good pictures of the items ( that’s they key to them selling). You then upload the photos onto the app and you decide how much you would like it to sell for. Then you write a brife description about the product and state weither it’s new or used, the size, the material of it, etc. You need to choose if you are willing to post the items (for an extra cost) or if you will only meet the person face to face. (I personally post all mine and I’ve never had any issue) You will need PayPal to sell clothes on here, but PayPal is totally safe and you will not have anything to worry about! When you have the PayPal connected people can just instantly but the products, making it much easier. You then have a choice as to weither you wish to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.. ( This step is totally up to you) 

The more people you follow the more you will get known and you will build up a following! This is the easiest way to sell the clothes.

Although in the past six months Depop has seriously updated. It has bought a better search enabling you to select the size of clothes you want! This is really useful as you can see what you want and not a load of pointless products. This has really enhanced the app!

How do I no that I won’t be scammed?

This question is one I get asked so much! On Depop everything goes through PayPal. PayPal is so safe there will be no need to worry. You can also leave feedback to the seller and you can read their previous feedback too see how good the seller is. 

How long does the payment take yo come through? 

Usually the payment takes about 5/10 minutes for it to be confirmed onto your PayPal. (Depop does have a selling charge, just to be aware of that, it isn’t very much tho)

If anyone has any questions please don’t be afraid to ask ☺️

Rebecca x


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