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Cocoa Brown Instant Matte Bronzing Gel


I have promised myself to get more active on this again so that is just what I am doing ☺️

A few months ago you may have read my blog post on the Cocoa Brown Tanning wipes. You may have seen that I didn’t have the best experience with them and that I wasn’t really sure if Cocoa Brown was for me.. 

But then I got sent this lil gem and it totally changed my perception of Cocoa Brown 💘 The Cocoa Brown Bronzing Gel has literally changed Tanning for me ❤️
I used to always yes non wash off tans and I was so strict on that because any wash off one I had used would literally come off in an instant if you spilt a drink on a night out or if you even dabbed water on it! 

I can safely say this is not the same for the Bronzing Gel ⭐️ The Bronzing Gel is an instant wash off tan but the difference is that it is very long wearing and it’s not too light on the skin. It is very light weight and it drys in no time compared to a lot of tans on the market! It also has a lovely natural colour to it that can be built up if needed. Personally I only wore one layer as it was just enough for me ☺️

I wore it out, I danced the night away and when I woke up and it was still very much intact and it hadn’t gone bitty on the skin. When it came to washing it off it literally came straight off in the shower. It didn’t leave any stains on my dress so that is a huge bonus 💛


I would 100% recommend the tan to others as I know my friends have tried it and loved it as it isn’t too heavy or cakey on the skin! 

Thanks Cocoa Brown for creating such an amazing tan 👏🏼🙌🏼
Rebecca ⭐️


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