Rose gold sparkly eye makeup look..

Hello ☺ 

Yesterday I was just playing around with makeup and I created a really nice sparkly eye ☺ I used the rose gold golden goddess oil to create the sparkly eye lid.

I posted a photo of it on Facebook and it got a great response and many wanted to no what products I used to create the look 👌🏼 In the bottom section I will leave the a product list and how I done it ☺

Product list:

Foundation: True Match by L’Oréal (N2)

Concealer: The collection Lasting perfection 

Contour: Sleek compact kit and Two faced Choclate soiel 

Blusher: Two faced Papa Don’t Peach 

Highlighter: Mary Lou the balm and Cocoa Brown Ice Goddess 

Brows: Primark Brow Pencil 

Eye makeup: Inglot shade (608), Cocoa Brown Goddess Rose Gold oil, Diamond Eyeshadow by Jurlingo 

Lipstick: Mac Velvet Teddy

Tips for applying the golden goddess oil to the eye lids:

  1. Ensure that you have a flat eye shadow brush as the oil is very liquidy.
  2. Have a shimmer that is a similar colour that you can put on over it to let it settle. So that the oil doesn’t just slide off the eye lid.
  3. Make sure you let it dry completely and you may need 2-3 coats

Rebecca xo


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